The Gran Cenote

Gran Cenote

Location:  Just off the highway between Tulum and Coba, about 2.5 miles from the junction with highway #307.

How to get there: Easiest with a rental car, but also within cycling distance of the town and the beach.

What to bring: Snorkeling gear, towels, biodegradable sunscreen.

What you’ll see: Cenotes are natural features of this region; they are sinkholes caused by a collapse in the limestone surface, allowing access to underground caverns and water systems.  The water is often crystal clear and fascinating for divers and snorkelers.  The Gran Cenote is an excellent example of a sinkhole that offers great snorkeling and diving and can be a refreshing place to swim on a hot day.  Basic facilities are available at the site and a small entrance fee applies.

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