An exhilarating adventure park in the Riviera Maya

What to see and do at Xplor

Experience some of the natural wonders of this region at Xplor, the adrenaline-packed park that’s open for adults and children aged 5 and over.  See spectacular grottos and wonder at stalactites as you float over the water on a raft tour; race through the jungle on zip lines, and drive amphibious vehicles across the tropical terrain.

At night, a different experience awaits at Xplor Fuego.  Torches light up the mysterious caves, and the jungle is full of surprises as you fly across the zip lines.  Awaken your senses and enjoy an evening to remember!

Hints and tips to get the most from your visit:

Xplor is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday and features include:
2 river circuits to paddle on rafts
2 circuits with 14 zip lines
430 yards swim in the Stalactite River
Travel 6.2 miles through two circuits in amphibious vehicles

Xplor Fuego is open from 5:30pm to 11:30pm Monday to Saturday and features include:
580 yards of underground caves to paddle through on a raft
a 9 zip line circuit
3.5 mile circuit to drive with an amphibious vehicle
430 yards swim in the Stalactite River

Packages of more than one park (Xcaret plus Xel-ha, Xplor etc) are available and can be good value.

Xplor Fuego - it's more fun in the dark!

Xplor Fuego takes you to the adventure at night. Zip-lines, ATV's, undreground rivers and unlimited buffet under the stars make a whole new experience you must live. Buy on-line now and get up to 15% off.
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