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Hacienda Chichen

Chichen Itza

Hacienda Chichen, Chichen ItzaSlide thumbnail

Hacienda Chichen

Chichen Itza

Hacienda Chichen, Chichen ItzaSlide thumbnail

Hacienda Chichen

Chichen Itza

Hacienda Chichen, Chichen ItzaSlide thumbnail

Hacienda Chichen

Chichen Itza

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In a nutshell:
Intimate and romantic hacienda hotel set in beautiful gardens right by the archaeological site of Chichen Itza. Full of history- dine in the original hacienda, sleep in the archaeologists quarters, explore the chapel and grounds.  Large swimming pool, Yaxkin spa with expert Mayan treatments.


The proximity to one of the country’s most impressive pre-Columbian monuments together with the colonial heritage of the Hacienda itself, combine to create a unique experience here for travelers.  After a day at the ancient city of Chichen Itza, guests can stroll back to their air-conditioned room or take a refreshing dip in the Hacienda’s large swimming pool. In the evening, enjoy a lingering meal in the original 16th Century Cascoor main house before taking in the Sound and Light show at the ruins.


We recommend that guests also allow plenty of time to appreciate the architectural delights of the Hacienda itself; the noria (well) and the noble stone arch are just a few steps from the entrance to the hotel, while the pretty chapel is well worth the short walk.  In the main building, some of the ancient stones bear the carvings of the Mayan temples from which they were lifted around four hundred years ago.


The Hacienda’s unique Yaxkin Spa offers treatments and therapies inspired by traditional Mayan healing arts and rituals. The location, close to the ancient Maya temples, instills a sense of timelessness and mystery.  Traditional ingredients such as Wild Organic Melipona Honey, Cacao, Aloe Vera, Mayan herbs, flowers, and tropical fruits are used to invigorate and cleanse the body. Guests return invigorated and ready for a new day of sightseeing.


Hacienda Chichen is undoubtedly the most romantic of the hotels located on the fringes of the archaeological site. We love the charming guest rooms, where cream and white decor contrasts with ornate iron bedsteads. Servi-bars for cold drinks and efficient, quiet air-conditioning make a stay here very comfortable indeed. The hotel’s restaurant, overlooking the gardens, serves excellent Yucatecan specialties. This fine cuisine is created with organic hand-picked produce, gourmet menu selections, and sustainable food purchasing practices.


Our tip for romantics is to reserve one of Hacienda Chichen’s Master Suites. They are particularly attractive and are well worth the supplement for a memorable occasion. These have a comfortable sofa in the sitting area and a large, tiled bathroom with a modern tub, double vanity and piles of soft fluffy towels. It’s a long way from the rustic conditions experienced by Edward Thompson’s archaeologists on this historic spot nearly eighty years ago.


Hacienda Chichen boasts the most charming and comfortable accommodations available at Chichen Itza.  The cottages were originally the homes of archaeologists of the Carnegie Institute, who established their headquarters here in the 1920s.


Now extensively refurbished and recently redecorated, the original cottages are now delightful guest accommodations, with one or two suites to a cottage. They nestle in the landscaped gardens that include the plant collection of Edward Thompson, archaeologist and vice-consul to the United States.


Summary of room facilities

All rooms

Air-conditioning, fan, terrace.

Standard room – historic

“Tozzer” with one queen or “Rubbert” with 2 doubles. Smaller rooms best suited for shorter stays.

Standard room – upgraded cottage

Romantic room with one queen bed

Standard room – with wi-fi

Room in Charlotte Cottage with 2 double beds and wi-fi

Honeymoon room

Romantic room with one queen bed

Master Suite

Upgraded room with 1 king or 2 double beds

Master Suite – Deluxe

King bed or two double beds

Master Suite – Presidential

“Anne Morris” suite with a king bed

The Standard Rooms have two double beds or one queen bed. These are light and airy rooms, with some lovely features such as ornate ironwork and cream bedspreads with coordinating cushions. Air-conditioning and servi-bars are available in all rooms and are very welcome after a long hot day of sightseeing.


Each cottage also has a terrace, attractively furnished with plants and rocking chairs. From this tranquil spot guests can enjoy the cooler late afternoon breezes and the views over the carefully tended gardens.


Romantic Honeymoon Rooms are now available at this property. They are similar in size and amenities to the Guest Rooms, but have a queen bed and are cozy, charming rooms.


The Honeymoon Rooms have a terrace with outdoor seating just like the Guest Rooms.

We love the Hacienda’s lavish Master Suites, surprisingly romantic for a such a contemplative location. The spacious, airy rooms are decorated in pale colors and feature intricately worked iron bedsteads and chairs.

They can have two double beds or one king bed. The sitting area includes a comfortable sofa or table and chairs, and the roomy bathroom boasts a large modern tub and gushing overhead shower. The Catherwood Suite has the added luxury of a large Maya Spa bathtub.


In the separate vanity and dressing area good lighting and mirrors are available, and there’s plenty of hanging space.

Efficient and quiet air conditioning cools the rooms quickly, and ceiling fans are also provided. With a servi-bar to chill soft drinks and the large swimming pool just a few yards away, refreshment is guaranteed.


Enjoy a lingering evening meal in the grand dining room of the 16th century hacienda or choose a table on the patio overlooking the gardens. If you are visiting the Sound and Light show at Chichen Itza then we recommend that you eat before the performance.


A variety of dishes are available, including continental and Mexican specialties, but this is the ideal spot to try some traditional Yucatecan dishes. Pollo Pibil or Poc Chuc are usually on the menu and are delicious. Both recipes have been featured on the menus of households in this region for centuries.



Hacienda Chichen dates from the 16th century, when it operated under the colonial system ofencomiendas as a ranch and corn plantation. After Mexico’s Independence, the haciendas came under ownership of the families holding theencomiendas, many of whom lived in Merida and owned more than one hacienda. As the demand for sisal grew, the haciendas established large plantations and controlled the production and export of sisal.


Typically, such estates would be an almost self-contained, socio-economic entity and would include a main house called ‘el Casco’ with its main well or noria, a Catholic chapel, jail and housing for farmers. Stone walls marked the boundaries and, at the main entrance, an elaborate arched gate served as a symbol of the landlord’s wealth.


Many of these features can be seen, beautifully restored, at Hacienda Chichen. Well worth a visit are the fine arched gate, the noria, and the enchanting chapel, which can still be used for services.


In the early 20th century, the hacienda became the home of Edward Thompson, archaeologist and Vice-Consul of the United States, who was responsible for the re-discovery of the temples and pyramids of Chichen Itza. Thompson also lead the controversial dredging of the sacred cenote, where many important relics and human bones were discovered.
In 1923 the Carnegie Institute established its Maya Archaeological Expedition headquarters at the Hacienda, and rustic cottages were built in the grounds to house the archaeologists and research teams. These cottages were much later redeveloped as today’s guest accommodations. Thompson’s plant collection, supplemented by the Institute over a period of years, became the foundation for the beautiful gardens that surround the hotel buildings. Many of the towering palms, fruit trees and flowering shrubs that create such a delightful setting were originally planted in these early days of discovery.


The Hacienda’s large swimming pool and gardened terrace offers an enticing retreat from the heat of Chichen Itza. Guests can relax in the shade of the ancient trees, or sip cool drinks on the pretty poolside patio.

If you are here to visit the ruins then you will find early morning and afternoon the best times for exploration; it is much cooler and quieter.


Most tour groups arrive between 10am and 11am and spend the hottest part of the day climbing the pyramids.

We suggest that you retreat to the hotel around lunchtime for a delicious meal and a very refreshing swim.

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How to get here

How to get here


By air

Merida airport is 90 miles away (about 2 hours drive, using the toll highway) and has some international flights.  Cancun airport has a wider range of flights and is 130 miles away.  From Cancun airport to the Hacienda, the drive takes about 2 hours 15 minutes, using the toll highway.

Driving directions

From the toll highway #180, coming from the direction of Cancun or Merida, take the exit for Chichen Itza.

As you approach Chichen Itza, follow the signs for the hotels rather than the ruins. A winding road takes you around the ruins and you will then take a right turn (signed again to the hotels).

The Hacienda Chichen will be on your left, after the Villas Arqueologicas hotel.

Approaching from the free highway #180 (coming from Valladolid), follow the signs to the hotels rather than the ruins (you will take a left turn).

The Hacienda Chichen will be on your left, after the Villas Arqueologicas hotel.

Hacienda Chichen

Chichen Itza